About us

My name is ANAELE and we have been into affiliate marketing since 2009
focusing on natural ways for effective, easy and safe weight loss.

I was force to go this route, because the easier the weight loss
program the better people can go along with it. I focused on three things:

1. No dieting - Just eat healthy meals with little more planning and
not actually spending much more money. You replace most unhealthy foods
with more healthy ones. Plus stay clear of so called Juice and soda
from stores.

2. Get healthy while loosing weight by drinking teas with many health
benefits, boosting metabolism, improving digestion and burning more fat.

3. Minimal Activity - Don't have to spend hours in the GYM and and get
discouraged in a short time. Don't get me wrong, exercise is good but
should not enslave you.

LOCATION: We are located @ 35 CIVIC SQ WEST Irvington, New Jersey USA
and has been in online business for the past 6 years plus. However, we
just opened the store recently to help promote healthy and easy weight
loss that does not involve starving yourself.

GREAT KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM: We have great team of blogger and marketers
that know much about what to look for in any tea and best way to use tea
in lose weight and getting healthy.

CONTACT INFORMATION: You Can Contact Us @ sales@teaskeptic.comI